Outlander‘s “A. Malcolm” Has Us Feeling All the Feels

(Episode 3.06)

TV Video Outlander

Jamie and Claire have found each other, and at first I thought they were going to make us go through an entire episode of Jamie before they got to the good stuff. Thankfully, they brought Claire into the scene pretty quickly.

The only thing about Jamie that’s older is the addition of reading glasses..

Now, every man in America who watches this show is going to be wishing they look like him when they are 40. It actually made me decide to validate if someone over 40 could still look that good.

Claire is clearly still drawn to him, not just because he is gorgeous, but because they are kindred spirits.

She moves through the town with him, meeting Geordie, his assistant, but the best reunion is with Fergus. He’s like a son to them, and their reunion is lovely.

She also meets his assistant, Mr. Willoughby, in a bad situation—he’s been licking a whore’s elbow and not paying a penny per lick. Jamie fixes it, by paying up the fee.

Their reunion scene is beautiful and feels like the first night they were together, on their wedding night. Claire takes her hair down and it looks exactly the same, and her undergarments look like a wedding dress.

Then they get to the bedroom scene, and this is my only qualm. You might be mad at me, Internet but hear me out.

I know Jamie and Claire haven’t slept together in a long time, but they’ve been sexually active. Banging heads together? Come on. They didn’t act this clumsy with their other partners. This was one part of the book I wish they had changed.

At least they are back together and their second try was better.

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