Everybody Loses Something in Outlander‘s “Of Lost Things”

(Episode 3.04)

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This episode of Outlander is titled “Of Lost Things”, and truly, everybody loses something.

Claire and Bree are in Scotland, working with Roger to figure out where Jamie is 200 years in the past. Is he still alive in 1768?

While they work, it becomes clear that Roger and Bree have a thing for each other. I guess being attracted to Scottish men runs in the family. While the connection begins, Bree is finding herself more in tune with her mother, now that she knows Jamie is her father.

Not a huge surprise. Secrets are not good for relationships—even if you feel they are for someone’s own good. They just put a barrier up to honest communication. Plus, one has to feel that Bree is now closer to her mother because she has lost Frank. Losing a parent is a pivotal moment for anyone. Now she has the hope of another father, but at the same time, if her mother goes back to Jamie, who will be left for her?

Meanwhile, in Jamie’s era, we see him enjoying his time at Helwater, under the name of Alexander MacKenzie. With the exception of the really rude Geneva, that is. She’s always cranky, while her sister, Isabelle, is kind.

He’s the groom, so they all draw straws to decide who must ride with her and deal with her moods. Eventually it becomes clear that this cold lady has eyes for Jamie and with the prospect of being married off to an old guy, she blackmails Jamie into sleeping with her.

She knows his name isn’t Alexander Mackenzie and she wants to give her maidenhead to the man of her choice.

And she does. Jamie doesn’t like the idea that he has been blackmailed, but he is up to the task—to protect his family.

Claire, Roger and Bree are still working and find Jamie’s prison records until the prison closed, so they have solved the mystery of where he is for now. But Claire still feels unfinished. Even when Joe calls her from the hospital with an important surgery and asks her when she’s coming back, she is non-committal.

Jamie drives the family to Geneva’s new home when they find out she is having trouble in childbirth. Jamie knows she is pregnant and assumes it’s his child, but knows for sure when Geneva’s husband threatens to kill the baby because he knows it isn’t his.

Jamie steps in with a cool head to take down tensions and is able to save the child, and kill the bad father.

Isabelle knows the truth. She knows that Jamie is William’s father, and while she’s angry with him, she ends up forgiving him because he saved the child and she knows that her sister cared about him.

Jamie is also given his freedom from the lady of the house, but of course, now he doesn’t want to leave and makes the excuse that he wants to keep sending money home to his family. Which is true, but the real reason is that he doesn’t want to leave his son.

They show young Willie at about 5 years old and the two have a strong bond, but it’s becoming obvious who the parent is. Very convenient—there’s no need for Maury Povich to do a DNA test.

He knows it’s time to leave and asks John Grey to keep an eye on his son, and even offers him his body as a thank you. Grey wants to for sure, but declines because he would love Willie either way. Plus, he’s going to be the child’s uncle and basically his step father when he marries Isabelle.

Jamie still is touched and Grey loves him and will miss him, but will get to love his son.

He tells Young Willie goodbye and when the child says he wants to be a quote “stinking papist,” Jamie baptizes him as William James and gives him a snake with the name Willie carved into it.

Claire gives up her search and gets on a plane with Bree destined for Boston, leaving Roger alone.

For those keeping track at home:

Geneva lost her virginity and ultimately her life.

Claire lost hope.

Bree and Roger lost each other.

Lord Grey lost Jamie, again.

Willie lost his friend.

Jamie lost his son.

Here’s hoping that St. Anthony helps them find what they are looking for next week.

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