Outlander Finds Its Rhythm Again in “The False Bride”

(Episode 4.03)

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Outlander Finds Its Rhythm Again in “The False Bride”

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After a slow start to the season, Outlander has found its rhythm again. Hooray!

I understand what the show was doing the first two weeks, and setting the stage does take time. I also appreciate that they didn’t just skip the time at River Run, which, given the length of the book and number of episodes they have in a season, they could have justified doing. But there are no complaints from me when the series gets back to its typical storyline and pacing.

“The False Bride” starts out by bringing back Roger and Brianna in the 1960s. Roger loves her deeply, and he heads to a Scottish festival in North Carolina with his love in tow. She seems to love him as well, and it makes your heart glad for them.

Back in the 1700s, Claire and Jamie are leaving River Run, much to Aunt Jocasta’s dismay. Jamie breaks the news gently and she seems to have no ill feelings toward her beloved nephew, sending him on his way with money, a wagon, and supplies. (While she does not blame her nephew, she does blame Claire—and tells her so.)

This part of the episode was very relatable. With the holidays approaching, there’s always that one person you love dearly, but disagree with, and it’s time to part ways for another 12 months.

Ian absolutely will not go back to Scotland, even though Jamie wants him to. He is finally convinced, and when he says he will let his parents know, Ian stops him and says he will do it himself.

They add a member to their crew, Mr. Meyers. He has a familiarity with the land and the Cherokees. Ian thinks he is amazing and eventually Ian goes with him in the wagon, while Claire and Jamie go ahead on horseback. They seem happy.

Back in the 1960s, Bree is ready to take her relationship with Roger to the next level, throwing her shirt off. The two seem to make a connection, but then he stops her, puts her shirt back on, and says he wants everything to be perfect.

He has a gift for her, and asks her to marry him. She’s still in school! She says no, and they get into a huge fight because he doesn’t want to sleep with her unless they’re engaged. She thinks he’s a hypocrite because he has slept with other women. Then they discuss her virginity; it ends in a slap and a breakdown.

Roger is feeling the pain his face—and so is Claire. A storm comes along, and Claire decides to go find the mule while Jamie fixes the shoe on his horse. She gets lost. Her horse spooks after lightning sets a tree on fire, and then she falls off her horse, flat on her face.

When she wakes up, she’s alone, and she finds a skull and a gemstone near her. The physician in her is never far away, though: She examines it, then she sees the ghost of a Native American coming toward her.

I was alone at night when I watched this part. I sufficiently freaked out!

But I should not have been. Jamie eventually finds Claire, because her shoes are by the river. She did not remember doing that, but realizes that the skull has a metal filling in its tooth. Which can only mean one thing: Time travel happens from the States!

They are both grateful that, however that spirit found her, it took her back to her one true love.

Things do not end as well for Roger and Brianna. Nothing has changed, and the two appear to break up.

I would say it is definitely more clear than Ross and Rachel’s break.

Claire and Jamie end up on a beautiful mountain, which Jamie calls Fraser’s Ridge. The two appear to be home.

This was so nice. I liked the whole thing.

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