Watch: Outlander Faces an Old Foe in What Felt Like a Finale

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Watch: Outlander Faces an Old Foe in What Felt Like a Finale

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Keri Lumm reviews “Mercy Shall Follow Me” for Paste—you can watch the video above or read the transcript below:

I don’t know exactly how many episodes are left, but did this not feel like the finale? So good— I can’t believe there are more episodes to come!

If you will remember, Jocasta’s lawyer wanted to marry her, and feels bad that she rejected him. That same lawyer is working with who else? Stephen Bonnet.

They are partners in literal crime.

Bonnet wants him to help him secure Jocasta’s land, and the lawyer is happy to do it because Bonnet plans to get rid of Jocasta’s husband. Then she will be available again! Vengeance doesn’t pay off, but they are committed to it.

Meanwhile, Jamie, Claire, Roger and Bree are all making their plan to catch Bonnet themselves. Ian of course is going to help them, so he gets dressed in normal clothes, and Claire plans to cover his marks with some clay. Too bad she didn’t have any makeup!

Also, Roger has made it clear that, as Bree’s husband, he will be the one to kill Bonnet.

Claire and Bree are having parts made for a new syringe. They have found a glassmaker to fashion the tube, and they are going to ask the smith to help with the thin tube.The mother and daughter then go out to the ocean for some girl time and reminisce about Bree’s childhood by the sea.

They are watching tons of whales near the coast, and talk about how whaling in the 1800’s depleted their numbers. They also talk about Moby Dick and Bree says she loved that book.

Really? To be honest, that’s one of those novels I tried to read for school, but only pretended to read ….

They run down the beach and are having fun!

The guys are currently watching for Bonnet based on a tip they received, and the man they find is not Bonnet … bu they beat him up anyway.

Meanwhile, Bonnet has found Claire. She tries to threaten him with a knife, but he quickly turns the tables and puts a knife to her throat. Bree comes after him with a gun, but unfortunately, the gun is unloaded. She goes with Bonnet to save her mother’s life, and Claire rides away for help.

Bonnet then takes Bree back to a nice house and shows her toys he has made for his son. He tells her that her visit to the jail is what gave him hope that he had something to leave on the earth. He wants to have a relationship with her and Jemmy.

Bonnet then has her dress up in fancy clothes and they eat dinner and he asks her to help make him a gentleman, and the whole time she acts like she is going along with it. She gives him veiled jibes though, which he seems to miss. Like when he asks her if she will think less of him and she says “oh, I could never think less of you.”


And then when it’s time for bed, she tells him that Jemmy loves for her to read. Finding out that Bonnet is illiterate, she grabs a random book, tells him it’s Moby Dick, and tells him the story while turning the pages. He likes it.

Bonnet lets her go to bed alone because he is trying to be a gentleman, and when she gets up, one of his whores is setting the table. When he realizes Bree was lying to just go along with his desire to have a relationship with her and their son, he gets angry and has very aggressive sex with the prostitute. And of course, Bree relieves her horrible rape.

After Bonnet leaves the room, Bree tries to give her wedding ring to the woman and asks her to relay a message to her parents.

Near-death experiences are the order of the day. The lawyer comes to visit Jocasta and rewrite her will. She wants to leave money to her family now that everything is better. The lawyer is upset to see his fortune split up. And eventually, he sneaks behind her and tries to strangle her. Thankfully, her assistant is there to save her life and kill the lawyer.


Bonnet has decided he doesn’t want Bree. He is going to sell her. She begs the man not to do it, but the deal goes through and they go to the beach where they are going to force her onto a ship.

Jamie, Claire, and Roger show up just in time, and the man who would buy her retreats, while Roger takes down Bonnet.

They all decide to take him to Wilmington for a trial, where he is sentenced to death by drowning. This was brutal. They put him on a stake in the ocean to wait for high tide. In the end, Bree shoots him in the head. Roger asks her if it was mercy or to make sure he is actually dead.

She doesn’t answer.

I don’t know what happens next! But it feels like things have settled down for the Frasier and Mackenzie clan.

Outlander airs Sunday nights on Starz.

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