Things Keep Getting Better in the Queer Eye Season Two Trailer

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Things Keep Getting Better in the Queer Eye Season Two Trailer

Netflix’s reality mega-hit Queer Eye is back with an all-new slew of makeovers on June 15, and they just dropped the show’s official season two trailer. If you want to go into the new episodes with fresh eyes, keep away, because this preview reveals the season’s most surprising and transformative twists.

Most notably, the Fab Five are conducting their first female and trans makeovers, as well as assisting in a proposal. “We’re doing a lady!” interior designer Bobby Berk reveals in the trailer. Food and wine specialist Antoni Porowski’s inevitably quips, “I haven’t done a lady in years.”

This trailer has everything: Church renovation! Rainbow flags! Antoni crying! Jonathan getting spanked! No matter your complains about the new Queer Eye (too normative, too campy, too staged), it’s hard to resist this trailer’s charms.

And if an entirely new season of Queer Eye still isn’t enough for you, Netflix recently announced a new QE special to debut June 22. This “mini make-better” takes the Fab Five down under as they revamp a citizen of actual Australian town Yass and eventually—wait for it—get crowned Yass Queens.

Summer is about to get a whole lot more fun if you’re a fan of the Fab Five. It will be especially interesting to see how the crew handles their subversive makeover firsts. We have an inkling there will be a few touching life lessons learned along the way.

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