Revolution: “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” (Episode 1.10)

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Revolution: “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” (Episode 1.10)

The fall finale of NBC’s bold dystopian drama Revolution, “Nobody’s Fault But Mine,” was perhaps the strongest note a freshman series can hit before a four-month hiatus. The show successfully wrapped up story arcs and introduced new problems for the characters to encounter when the show returns in March.

The friendship between Miles and Monroe is explored through a series of flashbacks and finally gives weight to Monroe as a villain. Five years after the blackout, Miles and Monroe are fighting side by side in a gunfight when it’s revealed that they received word that they’re going to have to start rationing bullets before eventually fighting exclusively with swords. It’s a small piece of information, but fills in the timeline of the events after the blackout. The scene also gives their friendship more girth when Monroe decides to stay by a seemingly mortally wounded Miles despite the fact that it might mean his own death. This is coupled by an even earlier flashback to before the blackout when Monroe is at the lowest point in his life.

This friendship is a vital piece of information for the series. It further explains the characters’ bond and Monroe’s rise to power and Miles’ subsequent falling out of the regime. As much as this story is about Charlie’s quest to find her brother and, of course, the actual mystery of the power, the show is truly about Miles and Monroe—and both actors give a dynamic performance this week.

Speaking of Charlie’s quest, it finally comes to a resolution as she is captured and reunited not only with Danny, but briefly with her mother as well. The two siblings break out of their holding cell in a power plant to go find Rachel, who is now building an amplifier for the energy source. Miles and Nora (with Aaron patiently waiting outside of the plant) come to help rescue Charlie only for her uncle to discover Rachel is alive and Danny to finally meet Uncle Miles. I do feel a little bad for Danny, who now has to play catch-up with everything that has happened since he has been taken prisoner, but luckily the show doesn’t dwell on the awkward reunion and moves along quickly.

It was terrific to see the Charlie/Danny arc wrapped up in this episode, but the real winner of the fall finale was the reunion between Miles and Monroe. The two have been best friends and basically brothers their entire lives and now that they’re face-to-face with one other wielding guns, the two realize they can never kill each other. Or so it seems. After Miles’ revelation that Monroe isn’t the same person and is too unhinged to consider him family, the two drop the nice act, and one final fight breaks out that is worthy of the closing of the first act.

Ten episodes have elapsed, and the entire landscape of the show has changed. Despite the ups and downs of the show, Revolution has proven it knows how to provide an entertaining and captivating series filled with intriguing characters, plot twists and cliffhangers around every corner. It may be four months before we see what happens with the newly expanded group as they’re chased by the militia’s helicopter, but it will be worth the wait.

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