Sons of Anarchy: “The Separation of Crows”

(Episode 7.08)

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Sons of Anarchy: “The Separation of Crows”

If you couldn’t catch last night’s episode of Sons of Anarchy and don’t have 90 minutes to watch it, I’ll sum up the story for you: Jax is out of control, his son Abel is a burgeoning psychopath, and Bobby lost a body part.

“But Emily,” you’re thinking, “that sounds like a summary of last week’s episode!” You’re right, it is! Last week Bobby lost an eye, Jax plotted with Tyler, and Abel learned Grandma killed Mom. This week Bobby lost a finger, Jax plotted with Tyler, Abel got violent, and the club dealt with the rat. (Or did they?)

Let’s start with the rat, because it was one of only two interesting points in the episode. The boys know someone told Lin about the location of his guns, and they’re determined to find out who it is. All signs point towards Jury, so the boys meet him to talk about it.

This was a good scene—since Jury was JT’s best friend, he’s able to give Jax a new perspective on his old man. Jury tells Jax that his dad couldn’t live with what the club had become. Then Jury suggests that JT willingly let himself die. “My old man didn’t kill himself!” Jax screams. “It doesn’t matter,” Jury replies, “As long as he ain’t here to see what SAMCRO did to you.”

Oh, here go hell come, Jury should NOT have said that! Even though Jury denies being the rat, Jax shoots him dead in broad daylight without calling a vote first. No Jax, that’s not how SAMCRO does it. You need a unanimous vote before a member meets Mr. Mayhem! Jury’s VP justifiably flips out and screams, “Your boy is out of control. He’s going down.”

I wish that were true. It would be nice to see Jax pay for his killing spree this season. Sadly, I don’t think Jax is going down anytime soon. At least, I don’t think he’s going down with a bullet. No, I think his downfall is going to be his own mental torture. I think nearly all of his club members will be dead within the next five episodes, and Jax will be left to rot with his own guilt and confusion. That’s what seems to be happening with Gemma anyway.

Speaking of Gemma, last week I told her to sleep with one eye open because Abel heard her confess her murderous sins to baby Thomas. This week, Abel took it to a whole other level, and that’s why he’s the second interesting plot point this episode. Or should I say, the most terrifying part of the episode. First, he gets sent home early from school for whacking a kid in the head with a metal lunchbox. Then, he kind of blackmails his grandmother when she tries to talk with him about it. “It was an accident” Abel said. “Do you understand what an accident is?” Gemma asks, to which Abel coolly replies, “Do you?”

Oh yes! YES! He said it. He went there. Finally, someone put Gemma in her place and it’s… a child. Her four year-old grandson. And he just kind of, maybe threatened Gemma—and she doesn’t know what to do about it. But that wasn’t even the most frightening thing Abel did.

OK, raise your hand if you think Abel killed those birds and scrawled that message on the wall. Yes, I understand he’s a child and the house was full of adults who would probably have caught him, but this is Sutter-land, and real world rationality is often suspended here. So, hands up if you think Abel is capable of disemboweling his grandmother’s birds, and scrawling “No Son is Safe” in crayon on the wall, and stabbing a stuffed animal.

Am I the only one with my hand raised?

I hope not, because I really think he did it, and I don’t want to be the only sicko who has these thoughts. Because seriously, if Abel didn’t do it, who did? August Marks? Ha! Yeah, no, his boy Moses is occupied torturing Bobby. Henry Lin? He’s in jail with the rest of his guys. Tara’s ghost coming around to mess with Gemma? I don’t know! I can’t think of anyone else but Children-of-the-Corn Abel. Plus I can’t tell if Abel is going to protect Thomas or kill him. That kid leaves me unsettled.

Let’s cover a few more minor plot points that moved the story along.

As far as celebrity guests, this week we had Carmelo Anthony and Courtney Love. Carmelo had four words and a head nod for Moses, and Courtney Love shared a whole scene with Gemma. Carmelo was fine—you can’t really mess up “We got a call.” Courtney was pretty stiff and monotonous, but she looked nice in a dress and cardigan.

Our OG Nero is wrapped up in retirement daydreams. He lined up Alvarez to buy him out of Diosa so he can put money down on the ranch. He plans to pack up Gemma, Wendy, all three boys, his cardigan collection, and head out. I knew it! In the episode six recap, I said that Wendy and Nero will end up raising whatever boys are left. Oh, it’s going to happen.

Last week Bobby lost an eye, this week he lost his clutch finger. Bobby could stop it if he just told Moses where the pastor’s body is buried, but he won’t. I honestly don’t think Bobby would ever talk. So, he’s destined to lose another body part unless the Sons can rescue him in 24 hours, or they completely give in to Marks’ demands. There is a third option—for Jax to outsmart Marks and threaten him where it hurts. But we haven’t seen cunning Jax in a while, and I don’t see why he would show up now. Oh no, that would make the show far too watchable.

Juice is now in solitary, close to Lin. He lied to Jarry and Unser to get into solitary, and Unser figures out that Juice wants to kill Lin to get back in with the Sons. Unfortunately, he hasn’t yet figured out why Juice and Gemma are colluding with each other. Will he find out before Jax does?

All that means this week we’re left with a few questions. 1.) If Jury isn’t the rat, who is? 2.) If Abel didn’t slice up the birds, who did? 3.) If Jax doesn’t find out about Gemma, will Unser?

?So basically, one week and 90 minutes later, we haven’t moved much farther along in “The Final Ride.” It actually feels like we’ve been stuck at a rest stop for the last few episodes. And this is so disappointing because we only have five episodes left of the entire series. I’d like to think that means we’re in for five action-packed, jaw-dropping episodes, but I’m not betting on it. I mean, this episode was mostly filled with people smoking and staring off in the distance, soap-opera style. And at this point, a sassy four year-old is the best part of the show. So, what do you guys think—are we in for more of the same next week or is it about to get good? Sound off below!

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