Netflix’s Stranger Things is More Popular Than House of Cards, Making a Murderer

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After a successful first season, we’re looking forward to season two of Stranger Things,, which Netflix, curiously, has yet to officially confirm, though CEO Reed Hastings has said, “We would be dumb not to [renew the show].” Making that even more obvious is the fact that the wildly popular new sci-fi thriller seems to have overtaken other popular Netflix originals like House of Cards and Making a Murderer in terms of viewership.

Business Insider reports that a survey from SymphonyAM (Symphony Advanced Media) found that Stranger Things’s first season was the third-most-watched TV show on Netflix, following Fuller House and Orange is the New Black.

Sixteen days after Stranger Things’ debut on July 15, 8.2 million people had tuned in, making it more viewed than House of Cards, Narcos, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Making A Murderer. However, this data is disputable, as Netflix does not release or track their viewership data, and the streaming service has accused SymphonyAM of being “remarkably inaccurate” in the past.

SymphonyAM claims that it obtains viewership data by installing an app on phones and computers of volunteers and recording what they watch, like many TV analysts do.

Regardless, there’s no doubt that Stranger Things has been a big success, with producers saying that they’re ready to make “several more seasons” and high first-season critic ratings (including getting a 94 percent Rotten Tomatoes critic rating and a 96 percent audience rating).

Though the show’s second season remains a mystery, the 36-song first volume of the Stranger Things soundtrack was released today via Apple Music.

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