Stranger Things Levels Up in Nostalgic New Videogame-Style Promo

TV Video Stranger Things
Stranger Things Levels Up in Nostalgic New Videogame-Style Promo

Stranger Things season two is nearly upon us, and thank goodness for that. The supernatural Netflix original, which was previously slated to return on Halloween, has since been bumped up to an Oct. 27 launch date. Between that, the inevitable season one rewatch and Netflix’s delightful new Stranger Things promo, “Level Up,” we might just make it to the 27th.

Serving up ‘80s nostalgia in a way that only Stranger Things can, “Level Up” recounts the show’s first season with all the trappings of an arcade game that the average Paste intern wasn’t born in time to play. From adding Eggos to their inventory to scoring a critical slingshot hit on the Demogorgon, the Hawkins kids play their way through all the big beats of season one, their adventures enhanced by a delightful layer of old-school videogame whimsy. All it lacks is actual interactivity, although the show did get an impressive point-and-click game last year.

The video ends with a good old-fashioned ” … To be continued,” so keep an eye out for next year’s “Level Up 2,” in which Eleven and the gang will surely level even further up. For now, it’s #StrangerRewatch time. Enjoy the show’s latest teasers right here.

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