Super Fun Night: “Three Men and a Boubier” (Episode 1.02)

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Super Fun Night: “Three Men and a Boubier” (Episode 1.02)

A few years ago I reviewed the first season of NBC’s Whitney, which I thought was unbearable. Sure, there were definitely worse shows on the market, but you could tell they were bad months before they premiered. Whitney had a small sliver of potential to be good. The same goes for Super Fun Night.

Last week I made it clear that I want Rebel Wilson and company to make a good show. Good show. I’m not saying it has to be smart or even hilarious. I do expect it to make me laugh for reasons other than out of simply being uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable in the way that Michael Scott made you feel sometimes on The Office when he was supposed to make you cringe and it was funny.

Super Fun Night just makes me cringe.

Last night’s “Three Men and a Boubier” was quite simply one of the worst half hours I ever sat through. Remember last January when ABC premiered Work It? It was about two men who dress up as women a la Bosom Buddies and was considered the worst show of 2012? This is on par with that. It’s also on par with this year’s already-canceled Lucky 7 and We Are Men.

I thought about why it hasn’t gotten the premature hook yet, and still figure that ABC is relying on Rebel Wilson’s appeal. Her comedic prowess, while missing for the first two weeks of this show, is the only reason I’m going to come back next week. (She wrote next week’s episode, and I have my fingers crossed.)

So, what exactly happened in this week’s episode? Kimmie, Marika and Helen-Alice sign up for a 3-on-3 dating service(?) and when nobody asks them out, Kimmie decides to lie about their lives. They meet three fellows who are just as awkward/lame as the girls. I guess the hilarity should have come with Kimmie pretending to be a Russian model, Marika being a world-famous botanist and Helen-Alice faking her oboe-playing and tattoo artist skills. However, these characters have no personality whatsoever, and seeing them portray fake versions of themselves was just plain stupid.

I understand the trio is supposed to be completely socially awkward, but many shows have proven you can do that in a funny way. Super Fun Night does not. The second plot dealt with Kimmie’s coworkers Richard and Kendall trying to impress a client at a dinner. I literally had no clue why I was watching this story. If you’re going to try and make this show about Rebel Wilson, then make it about her. Richard is just a stock British boss living in a American world, while Kendall is just a boring, cutthroat woman with no redeeming characteristics.

Even though it was a train-wreck, viewers are still turning in. This may save the show for a few weeks, but the writing clearly needs to step it up or else it won’t succeed.

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