9 Times Mon-El Had It Right in Supergirl‘s “Homecoming”

(Episode 2.14)

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9 Times Mon-El Had It Right in Supergirl‘s “Homecoming”

What is happening to everyone on tonight’s Supergirl? Normally calm and rational Alex is flying off the handle, crying and launching herself at loved ones. J’onn’s status as guarded, stoic team leader is definitely compromised. Even patient Kara spends more time yelling at Mon-El than being excited about their new relationship.

Speaking of Mon-El, what does it say about our merry band of heroes that the Daxamite who uses lamps as flower vases makes the most sense? What could possibly have happened to make Mon-El the most sensible character on the show? The answer: The return of Jeremiah Danvers and a plot twist that you— much like Mon-El—will see coming from the very beginning. So, credit where credit is due: Here are nine times Mon-El got it right this evening, even if everyone else thinks he got it wrong.

1. Playing Hooky

Some days, the universe just wants you to take a day off. If Kara had listened to her newly acquired partner in “us”-ness, maybe the DEO would never have stopped Cadmus’ convoy. Maybe Jeremiah Danvers wouldn’t have had the chance to infiltrate the mainframe. Or maybe we would have just spent the entire hour luxuriating in Kara and Mon-El’s new relationship status. Honestly, any of these would be better outcomes than the emotional trauma that unfolds.

2. Letting the Cat Out of the Bag: A Love Story

Okay, HR forms and sexual harassment seminars aside, Mon-El made the right call here. Sure, he didn’t think it through and broke a promise to Kara—neither of which is encouraged—but imagine what the rest of this season would look like if the two of them proceeded to hide their relationship from friends and family. These things have a way of getting out whether you’d like them to or not, so you might as well make the announcement on your own terms. Celebrate your love! Parties and parades are always welcome.

3. “It’s more than luck.”

Seriously, how is Mon-El the only one to notice that Cadmus starts tonight’s episode by “waving their red hands around in the air literally like they just didn’t care”? I’ll accept that Alex and maybe even Kara couldn’t see past their good fortune. They both miss their father desperately, and have been hoping for months that he might come back to them. But J’onn or the often paranoid Winn should have been on Mon-El’s side, at the very least. If only to entertain the possibility that Jeremiah might be under the control of some kind of brain washing. For a group of scientists, it seems the scientific method was tossed on its ear pretty quickly tonight.

4. The Big Bang Theory.

Mon-El may not be a scientist, but anyone looking at that solar flare helmet would come to his same conclusion about the radiation used to power that atomic bomb. Nothing about that helmet looked designed to capture energy. Add to that Jeremiah’s vague explanations about the kind and amount of radiation needed, and the fact that the majority of fathers would try to protect their children from the knowledge that they’d been used to create a weapon of mass destruction. I’d say you’re right, Mon-El. This is a plot twist we should all see coming.

5. “Was I suppose to wear a tie?”

Nope. No tie necessary for Danvers family dinner. That’s a clean win.

6. Justified Jealousy

Call it what you will—I call it envy—but Mon-El makes a good point. If the DEO wouldn’t let him leave a cell for two months, what business has Jeremiah to show up so late, possibly brainwashed, and just waltz into the DEO’s mainframe? It’s a double standard, but it seems just pointing it out is enough to push some Danvers over the edge.

7. Pointing Out the Obvious

BECAUSE JEREMIAH IS PROBABLY EVIL!! In fiction, particularly science fiction, when a character returns suddenly after completely disappearing without any solid explanation, it would serve you well to be suspicious. But Mon-El’s cause for concern goes beyond what you read in pulp novels. The one defining character trait that guides Jeremiah’s life has always been that there is no measure too far when it comes to protecting his girls. So, when he greets Mon-El’s questioning with hostility as opposed to understanding, it’s clear something isn’t right. When he backs up that hostility with a threat, well, then you know Mon-El’s only option is to keep digging.

8. Calling in the Cavalry

Anything that lets us check in on Winn and Lyra I’m more than excited for. Add to it the fact that Mon-El enlists our favorite computer analyst as an espionage partner and hilarity ensues. Winn is loyal and a little more independent of thought, so you know his suspicious mind has your back any day.

9. On Being a Better Partner

Mon-El isn’t perfect. He isn’t always right. I know, I know. This list is a bit misleading, then. I mean how are we meant to fall in love with a less-than-perfect hero? Who is he supposed to be if he can’t be a knight in shinning armor? The answer is as simple as it is vague. Be better. Better than you were yesterday or earlier today or an hour ago. Just be better, Mon-El. Ask Kara questions, listen to her, and the better will come.

Katherine Siegel is a Chicago-based writer and director, and a regular contributor to Paste. You can find out more by checking out her website or follow her on Twitter.

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