The Affair: After a Lovely Season Finale, Where Does the Series Go From Here?

(Episode 3.10)

TV Video The Affair

I’ve never been to Paris, but I think I would like to go as a third wheel with Noah and Juliette.

This final episode was filmed entirely in Paris, and it was lovely. However, the episode feels like a series finale instead of a season finale, and I think that’s because, when they filmed it, they were unsure about the show’s future.

They filled in the end of the mystery in last week’s episode, and tonight’s episode wraps a bow on the series— only for Showtime to renew the series for a fourth season just three weeks ago.

Juliette goes home and takes Noah with her. The two are now in a happy relationship, even though Juliette is still married. However, her story is about the death of her husband, which leaves her in some trouble with her university, but also leaves her free and clear with Noah.

One of the best things about this episode is that during Juliette’s story they show us subtitles of what she is saying in French, but when she speaks to her friends in Noah’s story, there’s no translation, which really helps the feeling of being in Noah’s head.

While Juliette is dealing with the death of her husband, Noah sees Furkat touching another woman’s backside. He confronts him and ultimately, gets Whitney out of an abusive relationship.

The episode ends with Juliette taking care of her daughter and Noah taking care of Whitney, but you know they will be back together once they take care of their responsibilities.

Here’s the thing: I guess they just wanted us to feel closure if that was the end, but I’m not sure where they go from here. They showed us that Helen was happy and Noah’s relationships with the kids were mended.

I was OK with this being the end. Now that they have another season, maybe they can give us a happy ending for Alison and Cole.

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