Amazing Acting Meets Boring Story on The Affair

(Episode 3.05)

TV Video The Affair

Well folks, I don’t know what happened to the plot, but if you wanted to see some people do some very compelling crying, this episode was for you.

If you wanted a compelling story, you’d have been better off re-watching last week’s episode.

This episode is all about Noah and Alison. Last week, my hopes were high that we would see events through both of their eyes, but no luck. It was just their story.

Noah goes to Alison’s house, and she tells him to leave because she doesn’t want Cole or anyone else to know that he’s been there. She doesn’t want to lose custody of Joanie.

Noah understands this, but not before they take a trip to Block Island, where their affair began in earnest.

We then see them spend a day together, jump into a stranger’s hot tub, and the whole time Noah seems almost high… Maybe it’s the Vicodin?

As fate would have it, they miss the ferry back to Montauk and end up being forced to spend the night together. And the inevitable happens. If she gets pregnant, we will not know who the father is. Insanity.

They also share a bunch of feelings and stories. We find out that Noah helped his mother commit suicide at his childhood home.

And we once again see that Dominic West is, quite simply, an extraordinary actor. He’s amazing.

We see a little more of the story between him and the prison guard, but really, this was a slow episode.

Noah is hallucinating about the prison guard and wrecks Juliette’s car.

The whole episode could have been 20 minutes. Instead, it felt like 120.

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