Watch Netflix’s Trailer for Season Two of The Crown

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Watch Netflix’s Trailer for Season Two of The Crown

The trailer for Season Two of The Crown is here, and gosh, you guys, it looks like the British monarchy’s in a real pickle this time! Who knows if the monarchy will survive this season?

The trailer features a lot of talk about the state of British society after WWII, frequently with overtones about how dire the situation is for the monarchy. We see Claire Foy’s Queen Elizabeth II deliver multiple ultimatums to her husband Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh (Matt Smith). It’s all very tense and serious—at least Vanessa Kirby’s Princess Margaret looks like she’s having a good time.

Season two of The Crown releases exclusively on Netflix on Dec. 8. Remember: This is your last season to watch Claire Foy as the Queen, as Olivia Colman will replace her starting in the show’s third season.

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