Watch The Get Down Part Two’s Trailer, See New Photos

TV Video The Get Down
Watch The Get Down Part Two’s Trailer, See New Photos

Netflix has released a new trailer for part two of The Get Down—watch above. The Get Down, which was listed among Paste’s “10 Best New Netflix Original Series of 2016,” captures the emerging disco and hip-hop scenes in the Bronx. Part two takes place in 1978, one year after the first part, which ended with (spoilers, duh) The Get Down Brothers defeating The Notorious Three in a massive victory and disco-singer Mylene (Herizen F. Guardiola) and company on the cusp of success.

While it ended with what seemed like bright futures for everyone, part two’s trailer shows many troubles and tribulations for the motley crew. Wordsmith Zeke (Justice Smith), dressed in an uncomfortable-looking blazer, seems to be having problems with his new job working for Ed Koch, and problems at home. Shaolin Fantastic (Shameik Moore) looks like he’s sinking further into Fat Annie’s (Lillias White) dangerous drug world, and further away from The Get Down Brothers. Mylene and her crew of divas have skyrocketed to fame to the delight of her uncle Papa Fuerte (Jimmy Smits) and the consternation of her father Ramon Cruz (Giancarlo Esposito). It seems the biggest challenge for everyone centers around identity within the community. “If making something of myself, means losing myself, then what am I making?” asks Zeke.

The Get Down returns to Netflix on April 7. See key art and promotional photos for the forthcoming installment below, and check out Paste’s review of the first season here.







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