The It’s Always Sunny Gang Does Family Feud: A .GIF Recap

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First, a proclamation, from me to anyone who isn’t watching this show: The tenth season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been almost unbelievably good. I’ll admit that I thought the prime of the this show had passed, and I was pretty okay with that, since I love even the “mediocre” episodes that made up most of the past couple seasons. What I didn’t expect was a tenth season that would rival the show’s early heyday, but that’s exactly what’s happened. In last night’s episode, the gang went on a game show called Family Fight—an obvious Family Feud knock-off—and once again, the results were incredible. Let’s run down the action, .GIF-style, by visiting the 20 greatest moments.

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The action begins in the ‘Family Fight’ green room, where Dennis is attempting to give the gang a pep talk. Almost immediately, though he realizes that

1. Mac is trying to steal an ashtray

2015-03-05 12_16_53.gif

Not a great start, but it gets worse when Frank lays out his plans to publicize his political agenda. Worse yet, Dee has decided to do a “Jenny McCarthy” thing, where she mixes sex appeal with a potty mouth, and…

2. She’s brought a fart machine



3. Charlie doesn’t know what cottage cheese is


“Is that cheese from someone’s cottage?”

Next, the rival family enters the green room, and attempt a friendly introduction.

4. But the gang ain’t having it.


Then it’s on to the game. The host, played by the hilarious Keegan Michael-Key, calls Frank up to the stand, and…

5. He immediately makes a lewd comment, and dance, about his opponent


Frank correctly guesses “pig” for the question, “name an animal that we eat, that doesn’t eat us,” but immediately wants to change because he has, in fact, seen a pig eat a man. That’s not allowed, and the question moves on to Dennis, who calls himself a jack of all trades.

6. “The question is, what don’t I do?

(notice the wonderful camera stare)


As for animals we eat, he guesses sea urchin, and gets the buzzer.

7. Dennis does not like the buzzer


“It pierces your soul.”

Dee is next, and she’s breaking out the Jenny McCarthy act in a big way, with a double entendre not suited to a family show.

8. “Well, Grant, I tell you what: I like to eat cock.”


After Mac goes into a long explanation about the family that nobody wants to hear, and keeps stealing Grant’s “show me!” catch phrase, it’s on to Charlie, who, despite the protests of everyone else, decides that the animal we eat is a dragon.

9. Charlie is right.


Somehow, the “Reynolds Family” wins round one. During the break, they mock Dennis and torment him with the buzzer noise.

10. Dennis still really doesn’t like the buzzer.


The next question is “name something that people groom themselves with,” and Dennis incorrectly guesses “laser beams.” You know what that means…

11. Dennis now officially hates the buzzer.


The gang has a chance to steal when the Barrets fail to complete the board, and Charlie insists that the answer is “bride,” since you can’t have a groom without a bride. Frank opts for “toe knife” instead, but it’s not on the board. As it turned out:

12. Charlie was right again.


Dee makes her way to the front next, and based on the long history of jokes about her massive hands, we probably should have seen what was coming.

13. Dee absolutely obliterates the buzzer.


The new question is “name something people are afraid of,” and again, the gang has a chance to steal. Dee offers ‘failure,’ Charlie thinks it’s ‘the night man,’ but Dennis is thinking like a commoner now, and he comes up with clowns. It’s the right guess, and the Reynolds somehow manage to win.

14. Yup, they have a taunting victory dance.


When the host asks for the last answer, and guess what?

15. Charlie can’t miss


Before they play the ‘fast money’ round, it’s back to the green room, where we learn that Charlie was actually interviewed in a mall for these questions, hence the appearance of his strange answers. “That’s actually the only thing that makes sense,” says Dennis. He and Dee choose themselves to play the fast money round, and before they do, Grant plays a clip of Rickety Cricket wishing the luck.

16. Everyone is disgusted by his burned face.


And that’s not the only problem; there’s also the fact that Dee has not eaten in three days because she’s afraid of looking puffy.

17. Dee passes out. On her fart machine. Which goes off over and over.


Frank has to replace her, and he dominates, getting the no. 1 answer for every question. All Dennis has to do is get five points, but the problem is that if he repeats any of Frank’s answers, he gets the buzzer. Did I mention that Dennis doesn’t like the buzzer?

18. He repeats all of Frank’s answers.


19. And he collapses, just like Dee.


When he fails to get a single point, and they lose the fast money round, he begs Grant not to air the episode. Nothing doing—they always air, even the bad ones. All Dennis can do, as he wraps up in the fetal position, is repeat the same words as the credits roll:

20. “This doesn’t represent me!”


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