The Tomorrow People: “Limbo” (Episode 1.07)

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The Tomorrow People: “Limbo” (Episode 1.07)

The surprising part of this episode is that it has taken the series this long to address the potentially ugly and playful sides of having the powers that the homo superiors boast.

In the former category, the gang and Ultra are both trying to track down a serial rapist who kidnaps his victims, takes them to a windowless basement, and then returns them home the next morning. The latter concerns Stephen, at the urging of his friend Astrid, having a little more fun with his abilities so as to win a P.E. class basketball game. It, improbably, wins him a place on the varsity squad for at least one night.

But being the sci-fi soap opera that it is, the show is more concerned about the “mistake” that happened between Cara and Stephen, something that she fesses up to much sooner than anyone could have anticipated. So much for playing out an illicit love affair over the rest of the season. If that wasn’t enough, Astrid—through an “accident” of telepathy—reveals that she’s in love with Stephen. The sexual tension is boiling over, friends.

Unfortunately, it puts at a disadvantage the actual good stuff in this episode, which is tracking down the sexual predator and giving him what he deserves. Sure, that does end up happening, but it seems perfunctory and only put into the show to move forward another plot thread.

While Stephen is close to drowning in the sewers of New York, his dad appears to him urging him to turn away from the light (in so many words…he never actually says that) but giving him the word “Thanatos” as something to take back to the living world. And wouldn’t you know it, the next episode is called just that: Thanatos.

Why must you drag this out even further, Tomorrow People?! If you’re not going to give us hot PG-13 Tomorrow Person on Tomorrow Person love scenes, can’t you let us at least have some juicy plot points to gnaw on?? Sigh…guess I’ll see you again in a couple of weeks…

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