Check Out a Sneak Peek from the Impending Return of The Walking Dead

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Check Out a Sneak Peek from the Impending Return of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday to AMC, like one of the many walkers that Rick and co. just can’t seem to put down. AMC has just released a sneak peek for the popular series’ return, which features Rick and the gang trying to get somewhere, per usual.

They come upon a blocked road, filled with broken-down cars, an attempt to keep them from getting to the Saviors’ base. Rick decides they should move the cars, when Michonne pulls him over to the side to look at something through the binoculars. At that point, the camera confusingly cuts to a tripwire that was seemingly right in front of them, or close enough that they wouldn’t need binoculars, anyway. Filmmaking logic would indicate that they were looking at the tripwire, but Walking Dead has never claimed to ascribe to any rules of logic. Surely, all will be revealed Sunday night when we return to our favorite show about group staring contests, travel B-roll footage and the occasional zombie.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday night to AMC at 9 p.m. EST. Check out the sneak peek above, an infographic on the most shocking death in the past seven and a half seasons here and a Paste feature on something a few people take issue with in the show: pacing.

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