TV’s Most Evil Characters: A Champion Emerges!

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It’s been a long and crazy week, but at last, our original 32 evil TV villains have been winnowed to one true scoundrel. Yesterday, we asked you to vote in the Final Four and the championship, so first, let’s check out the results from the former.

Final Four Results

(2) Walter White def. (1) Petyr Baelish, 58.6%—41.4%

Baelish finally met his match. This was a very interesting clash, because Baelish actually held a significant lead for most of Thursday, but as the votes poured in overnight and this morning, Heisenberg pulled even and then ran away with it, nearly reaching 60 percent. That’s just another classic Walter White escape act! It’s obvious to me now that making ol’ Walt a 2-seed was a mistake, and if there’s one thing we know from Bryan Cranston’s lame-o chem teacher turned drug lord, it’s that you don’t want to underestimate this dude.

(3) Cartman def. (2) Ramsay Bolton, 55.0%—45.0%

And just like that, the Game of Thrones run comes to an ignominious Final Four end. The voters decided that an animated child was more of a villain than a sadistic bastard with a fetish for torture, but in fairness, Cartman is really, really f***ed up. And with that, our championship was set:



(2) Walter White def. (3) Cartman, 59.0%—41.0%

And there it is! As expected, the left side of the Final Four bracket was just too strong. If Baelish had taken down White, he too would have beat both Ramsay and Cartman in those hypothetical championships—by greater margins than Walt, interestingly enough. Alas, Heisenberg got the job done in each round, and proves that he truly is THE ONE WHO KNOCKS.


Before we go, I want to thank everyone for voting all week, and let you know that we will be back, at a time to be determined, with more brackets for your amusement. Let’s have one last look at this bracket, from opening round to Walter’s coronation, and pay respect to the excellent design work of our own Sarah Lawrence. Cue up your favorite homage music now:

(Click the image to see the full-size version in a new page)


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