Victoria Review: Young England

(Episode 1.07)

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Victoria Review: Young England

The first season of Victoria is over. That’s sad, but at least we have the finale to talk about.

First, let’s discuss the servants’ romance. The hairdresser and the baker are in love, but she won’t leave her sure-thing job for him. He gets an amazing job and wants to take her with him, but she won’t go.

Whether that reflects pressure from the outside, who knows, but she is devastated. They leave us with very little hope for the couple to make it, but as this was a season finale, I’m going to keep hope alive.

Victoria is miserable in her pregnancy. In 19th century England and Wales, according to one study, more than six percent of births resulted in the death of the mother: Victoria’s fear was real. She spends the whole episode worried, just like the people around her.

However, death from childbirth becomes a secondary concern when a stalker tries to attack her in the street, and when someone tries to kill her.

It turns out that the governess knew about the stalker but didn’t tell anyone and Albert is mad. He takes over the queen’s correspondence and tries to keep Victoria safe.

However, she says she would rather have freedom than safety and keeps going on her drives. Albert decides to come along to keep her safe.

Also back for the birth of the baby is soon to be Uncle Ernst. Of course, he’s really just there to see the Duchess of Suffolk and plans a clandestine meeting with her, where he takes a piece of her hair.

Nothing untoward happens, yet, but you can see that is on the horizon. However, they had better not ask Victoria for any contraception ideas.

Finally, the big day comes and Victoria gives birth. She cries for her momma and then we watch someone who has never had kids pretend to have kids: Always hilarious to me.

Thankfully, the baby girl is born healthy and everyone survives.

Now we wait for Season Two.

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