The 5 New and Under-the-Radar Shows You Can’t Miss in June

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The 5 New and Under-the-Radar Shows You Can’t Miss in June

June TV is bursting at the seams.

A year after the dual strikes that brought the industry to a halt last summer, Hollywood is continuing to play catch-up. But, as the warm months begin, the television landscape is feeling as high as a flag on the Fourth of July. How many Broadway musicals can I work into one intro? At least one more because I’ll tell you: it’s summertime and the TV watching is easy.  

Apple TV+ has the series adaptation of Scott Turow’s Presumed Innocent starring Jake Gyllenhaal on June 12th. Netflix’s Bridgerton completes its third season on June 13th. Krysten Ritter headlines AMC’s Orphan Black: Echoes on June 23rd. FX’s The Bear is back for a third season on June 27th. It’s going to be a Hot TV Summer.

Paste TV will be covering all of it. But we don’t want you to miss out on any hidden TV gems. Here are the five new shows you can’t miss this month. 

Ren Faire 

Premiere Date:  June 2nd at 9 p.m. on HBO 

The truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction. This three-part docuseries follows George Coulam, the 86-year-old owner of the Texas Renaissance Festival. After announcing that his perfect way to go would be “to have a woman screw me to death” (a real charmer, that George), he sets about trying to decide who he will become the rightful heir to the festival. Will it be the general manager? The entertainment director? The elephant trainer? The kettle-corn vendor? All are in the running to become the next King George—yes that’s what his employees call him. Think real-life Succession, but with much better costumes. And wizards. And dragons.


Stars: Laurence Fishburne, Ed O’Neill, Cleopatra Coleman, Jacki Weaver, Kelly AuCoin, J. Alphonse Nicholson, Rich Sommers, Corbin Bernsen, Clifton Davis, and Harriet Sansom Harris

Premiere Date: The first two episodes premiere June 4th on Hulu

Based on ESPN’s 30 for 30 podcast The Sterling Affairs, this FX-Hulu series tells the story of the 2013 LA Clippers. Famed basketball coach Doc Rivers (Laurence Fishburne) arrives in LA looking to win a championship title for the “worst organization in sports.” The team’s controversial owner, Donald Sterling (Ed O’Neill), had a lot going on at the moment. His assistant/mistress V. Stiviano (Cleopatra Coleman) wants to be more involved in the team’s management; his wife Shelly (Jacki Weaver) certainly doesn’t like V. or her influence over her husband. It all comes to a head when a private conversation, full of loathsome, racist remarks, between Donald and V. is released and all involved must deal with the fallout.

Camp Snoopy

Stars: Etienne Kellici, Terry McGurrin, Rob Tinkler, Caleb Bellavance, Molly Lewis,Hattie Kragten, Isabella Leo, Lexi Perri, Cash Martin, and Wyatt Shite

Premiere Date:  All 13 episodes premiere June 14th on AppleTV+

The kids are out of school and Charlie Brown and the gang are too. In the premiere (each episode consists of two, nine-minute installments), Snoopy learns that the Beagle Scouts are unhappy with Snoopy’s troop. “They used the words ‘total disgrace’,” Charlie Brown tells him. Snoopy’s troop is in danger of being kicked out because they haven’t earned enough performance badges (by Snoopy’s quick math, they’ve earned exactly zero). What’s a loveable pup to do? He and his troop set off to earn badges while Charlie Brown, Linus, Franklin, Sally, Peppermint Patty, and Marcie spend their days at Camp Spring Lake. The series counts Charles M. Schulz’s son, Craig Schulz, as one of its executive producers.

Hotel Cocaine

Stars: Danny Pino, Yul Vazquez, Michael Chiklis, Mark Feuerstein, Laura Gordon, Tania Watson, and Corina Bradley

Premiere Date:  June 16th at 10 p.m. on MGM+

Maybe not the best place to take a vacation. Set in the late ‘70s-early ‘80s, Roman Compte (Danny Pino) is the general manager of Miami’s Mutiny Hotel (you didn’t really think they called it “Hotel Cocaine,” did you?). His brother, Nestor (Yul Vazquez), is the city’s biggest cocaine dealer. Everyone comes to the hotel to experience the beautiful Miami sunshine—just kidding. They all come for the drugs. And Roman has to navigate his high-end clientele while dodging the DEA (including Michael Chiklis’s Agent Zulio) and attempting to keep his family safe. 

I Kissed a Boy

Star: Dannii Minogue and Layton Williams

Premiere Date: All eight episodes premiere June 15th on Hulu

Stepping in where The Bachelor clearly has not, this eight-episode British series, which premiered across the pond in May 2023, follows 10 single gay men who meet and immediately kiss. No introductions or small talk required.  Is there chemistry? Are there sparks? Did they kiss a boy and like it? Was cherry chapstick involved? “When the summer of love ends, who will commit in front of their friends and family,” the host Layton Williams dramatically intones as the series begins. Since the series is dropping as a binge, the answers lie at the press of that “next episode” button. And be sure to check out the I Kissed a Boy: The Reunion Special for more of this cast. 

Amy Amatangelo, the TV Gal®, is a Boston-based freelance writer and a member of the Television Critics Association. She wasn’t allowed to watch much TV as a child and now her parents have to live with this as her career. You can follow her on Twitter (@AmyTVGal).

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