WWE and Netflix Unveil the Interactive Halloween Lunacy of Escape The Undertaker in First Trailer

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WWE and Netflix Unveil the Interactive Halloween Lunacy of Escape The Undertaker in First Trailer

Coming soon to a Halloween season-fueled Netflix binge near you, it’s this bizarre fusion of point-and-click adventure game and interactive video known only as Escape the Undertaker. A collaboration between Netflix and WWE—an interesting working partnership, given that all of their regular content is exclusively on Peacock—Escape the Undertaker debuts on Netflix on Oct. 5, 2021 and will pit everybody’s favorite trio, The New Day, against the undying Undertaker as they enter his “spooky mansion” in search of the mystical urn.

Which is to say: This whole thing looks absolutely ridiculous, in a way that is certain to entertain your children, and possibly your inner child as well. It’s a little bit Disney’s Haunted Mansion, but also simultaneously a little bit Saw, albeit with a ebullient sense of humor. What else are we to make of the sight of Big E (current WWE champion!) strapped into a chair, being tortured by the Undertaker with a box of spiders on his head, and the audience prompts of “Join Undertaker” or “STAY POSITIVE”?

The Undertaker may be retired in the ring, but this is obviously still the perfect vehicle for him, and it feels like the final form of the “cinematic match” that has come into vogue in wrestling in the last few years, often used as a means to avoid a traditional, in-ring match with an aging superstar. The Undertaker is no stranger to such cinematic matches at this point, but Escape the Undertaker is on a different level entirely, as it’s powered by audience choices and interaction. One can only hope that there are numerous endings in which The New Day suffer terrible fates, in order to give this thing some rewatchability. Or is “replay value” a more apt phrase? Is this even a TV special, or a gameplay-limited videogame?

You can decide for yourself when Escape the Undertaker debuts on Oct. 5, 2021. In the meantime, check out the absurd trailer below.

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