5 Hostess Gifts That Don’t Suck

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Whether you’re dropping in for a dinner party or crashing at a friend’s house for an out-of-town wedding, you shouldn’t show up empty handed. Here, some ideas that seem to work out well every time, (at least for this writer).

1. Local (for You) Bakery Goods


Showing up with a sweet treat in hand is always a good idea. (We’ll just credit that to Audrey Hepburn, too.) Picking up something from your favorite neighborhood bakery makes it extra special. Opt for something that’s already packaged because it will stay fresh and arrive intact. My go-to is Momofuku Milk Bar cookies. More is more when they’re a mix-and-match dozen for $22.25. Your host will love you.

2. Bottle of Booze You Don’t/Won’t Drink


Present a bottle that you insist upon leaving behind, unopened. Worried your host will insist you partake? Bring an extra bottle to split.

3. Travel Candle


A short trip can mean arriving with just a carryon that won’t allow for a bottle of booze or a cream-filled baked good. Instead, invest in a tin candle that’ll tuck neatly amongst your socks and T-shirts. It’ll make it through security and even leave your suitcase smelling a bit fresher.

4. A Gourmet Food Basket


You’re caught up on Broad City, right? If anything, a gourmet food basket, (you don’t have to ball out with a Harry & David one), always seems way cooler than the individual items in said basket. If you’re really going to go all out, assemble a breadbasket like this one. And no, we don’t know how they did it.

5. Cute AF Greeting Card + Gift Card


Nothing says, “Thanks for having me!” like handing over a memorable, personalized greeting card with a nice handwritten message inside. If you’re on that level, here’s the time to prove that you really get your host. If not, it’s the best way to emphasize your gratitude. Just make sure that you type up your message in a text run before you put pen to nice greeting card. Then slip in a gift card to your host’s favorite store and you’re good to go.

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