A Breaking Bad Film Is Coming at Last

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A Breaking Bad Film Is Coming at Last

Is it finally time for Heisenberg to ride again? That will of course be the question on everyone’s lips this morning as the following news spreads like wildfire around the web: A Breaking Bad movie is finally coming.

According to unnamed sources cited by The Hollywood Reporter, Vince Gilligan is currently working on a two-hour film, although it’s not yet clear if this would be a TV movie or something released in a major theatrical way. The project had apparently been concealed under the working title of Greenbrier, and very little is known about its structure or timeline. Here’s all we’ve got: It’s apparently set in the overall Breaking Bad universe and follows “the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.”

Obviously, there’s a lot of places that such a storyline could fit in. The character in question could exist in the prequel timeline of AMC’s Better Call Saul, or during the main timeline of Breaking Bad proper. The latter would of course allow for the possibility of appearances from actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, which fans will be clamoring to see. Even if it’s just in a limited way, you know the fandom will want to see Walter White on screen just one more time.

Gilligan would be writing the film, executive producing and possibly directing the project, with Better Call Saul executive producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein producing as well. Production will be starting soon—within the month in fact, which means you can probably expect to hear some more revealing casting information coming down the pipeline any time now. This would be the first project of three potential films that Gilligan is making from an overall deal he signed with Sony TV back in July.

Which characters would your own, personal Breaking Bad fan-fiction feature film focus on? And why would it be Badger?

EDIT: Bryan Cranston has now commented on the news, saying that he hasn’t yet seen the script for the Breaking Bad film and thus doesn’t know if Walter White would be in any way involved. He did state his interest in being part of the project, though. Things will certainly be getting interesting from here.

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