Watch What Happens When This Young Soccer Fan Gets MLS Tickets For Christmas

Soccer News

Nine-year-old Ethan Chambers is a pretty lucky kid.

The young soccer fan woke up on Christmas morning yesterday ready to open presents, like so many other kids. One of the first presents he received wasn’t a giant box or something that barked— it was a photo and an envelope. The photo featured a welcome message from the Philadelphia Union and what sounded like autographs from a few players. The envelope contained season tickets for the 2017 Union season.

As you can see from the video captured and Tweeted by his father Shawn, Ethan got a little worked up.

The poor kid couldn’t even read through the whole message without crying. He was that excited.

Man, a lot of people are chopping onions today for some reason.

(Though, bonus points to Shawn for the “is it Legos?” joke. A+ holiday trolling there, Dad.)

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