Bethesda Confirms Existence of Rage 2, Releases Announcement Trailer

Bethesda has made Rage 2 official in the wake of The Great Walmart Leak

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Bethesda Confirms Existence of Rage 2, Releases Announcement Trailer

Last Wednesday’s leak of multiple unannounced titles, obviously meant for E3 and beyond, was a catalyst for many a rumor to spread like digital wildfire. Well, as of today, May 14, one of those rumors is now an assured fact. Rage 2 is a very real game that actually exists, and Bethesda is set to release a full game-play demo for it tomorrow, May 15.

Bethesda’s main Twitter account and the Rage Twitter account took Walmart’s leak as an opportunity to begin teasing something. That something, from the get-go, seemed to be Rage 2, as all of the cryptic art and teaser images had a very dystopic, Mad Max vibe. Yet, some fans thought, or hoped, that the eventual reveal would be for Bethesda Studios’ ever-wanted space-set RPG, Starfield.

Starfield it is not. Today’s reveal, in the form of a color-drenched and tone-setting announcement trailer, confirmed that Rage 2 exists. The trailer plays out as a series of live-action and CGI vignettes that show beings as mad and vicious as the world they inhabit. Vibrant colors and darkly comedic imagery seem to set a tone that aims to be as funny as it is vile.

As more of a tone piece than an actual trailer, it is hard to glean any hints or looks into how the game will play. Along with the knowledge that a gameplay demo is set for tomorrow, the announcement trailer also reveals that Avalanche Studios is developing Rage 2.

In many ways, the biggest reveal is not that Rage 2 exists, but the fact that Avalanche Studios is developing it. Rage was developed by id Software, who are presumably busy handling a sequel to 2016’s Doom and passing off the development of Rage 2 to Avalanche Studios could yield fruitful results, seeing as Avalanche Studios developed 2015’s Mad Max game which, third-person camera aside, is quite similar to Rage in both gameplay and tonal choice(s).

One question, above all others, remains unanswered: Will the dulcet tones of John Goodman’s voice be featured in Rage 2 as they were in Rage? Check out the trailer below.

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