Bob’s Burgers Presents a Charity Event Called Beef Relief

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Bob’s Burgers Presents a Charity Event Called Beef Relief

In a press release today, the people behind Bob’s Burgers have announced they will be hosting a special charity event for refugee relief in Yemen. The name? “Beef Relief.”

The event will take place at the Coronet in Los Angeles on Sept. 21. All proceeds go to the International Rescue Committee for famine relief in Yemen and refugee resettlement in L.A. You can also donate to the IRC directly here. A long list of performers from the show will take the stage, from Dan Mintz and Kristen Schaal (the voices of Louise and Tina) to Ron Funches, Zach Galifianakis and Will Forte.

Much like the show, the press release manages to combine heart with weird, silly humor:

“There’s a real immediate need for help in Yemen – not someday, but right now,” says Bob’s Burgers Co-Executive Producer Wendy Molyneux. “There are also refugees coming here to Los Angeles with very little who need a helping hand. The IRC serves both functions, and so we just wanted to harness the power of the show to help out in whatever way we could. Also, it’s just fun to say Beef Relief. Beef Relief. You get it.”

Tickets range from $100-500 and are on sale now here and here.

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