Check Out the Creepy First Trailer for Amazon’s Lore

TV Video Amazon Lore trailer
Check Out the Creepy First Trailer for Amazon’s Lore

After months of patient waiting, we’ve finally been graced with a full trailer for Lore, the Amazon production of Aaron Mahnke’s popular creepy true-history podcast of the same name. Lore is headed for a Halloween-appropriate premiere on Friday the 13th of October, with each episode tackling pieces of folklore and oral histories that trend toward the macabre and supernatural side of life.

In the trailer above, you can see glimpses of season 1 guest stars, such as actor Robert Patrick (of Terminator 2 fame, among many others), along with others such as Adam Goldberg. Several months back, Paste was present on the set of one episode’s filming outside Atlanta. We were able to speak with Mahnke, whose passion for collecting the oral histories of the American macabre is quite evident—expect that full interview via Paste in the near future. For now, simply enjoy what looks like a perfect Halloween diversion as Lore crawls closer.

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