Daily Dose: St. Lucia, “Walking Away”

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Daily Dose: St. Lucia, “Walking Away”

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If you’re looking for some tunes to get you through work on Friday and into the weekend, then look no further than this new banger from Brooklyn band St. Lucia. “Walking Away” is the latest offering from the band since their 2016 release Matter, and if you’re not dancing to it, what are you doing?

St. Lucia is the brainchild of South African transplant Jean-Philip Grobler, and they write the most lush, layered synth-pop that this Earth has to offer. “Walking Away” is no exception, with it’s drum machine beats, auto-tuned up saxophone and layered vocals on the chorus. And although the song has a 4:04 run time, there’s no error here, because it is sure to have you playing the air-synth from your desk.

The band has also announced that their new album Hyperion is due out on Sept. 21 via Columbia records. You can listen to “Walking Away” below and revisit our conversation with Grobler from 2016 here.

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