David Tennant Is Quite the Psycho in the First Trailer for Bad Samaritan

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David Tennant Is Quite the Psycho in the First Trailer for Bad Samaritan

It would seem that Jessica Jones may have represented some kind of switch-flipping moment in the career of David Tennant. Previously known for playing charming (if somewhat caddish) rogues such as the tenth incarnation of The Doctor on Doctor Who, since his unnerving role as mind-controlling villain The Purple Man/Killgrave, his characters seem to be headed down increasingly dark paths. Exhibit A: The newly unveiled first trailer above for Bad Samaritan, out in theaters on March 30.

Bad Samaritan seems to follow a ne’er-do-well pair of burglers played by Robert Sheehan (Misfits) and Carlito Olivero, who run a scam that involves robbing the homes of diners while their cars have been left at the valet station. Targeting the home of Tennant’s character because of his fabulous Maserati, Sheehan makes a startling discovery: A young woman tied up and apparently being tortured.

From there, it looks like the film will devolve into your typical cat-and-mouse affair between Sheehan and Tennant, who will no doubt be solving their problems outside the realm of traditional law enforcement. Which isn’t to say that Sheehan won’t try to call the cops, but this being a thriller, they’ll obviously take the side of the villain for no good reason.

Bad Samaritan looks a little formulaic to us, but hey—it’s always fun to see David Tennant in a leading role, is it not? Take special note of his accent, or lack thereof—is he playing British or American in this film? Set in Portland, OR, but featuring an Irish lead and romantic interest, it’s a bit of an odd combination.

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