Dummy Share Video for New Track “Final Weapon”

Latest single ahead of forthcoming album Mandatory Enjoyment

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Dummy Share Video for New Track “Final Weapon”

The charming fuzz of Los Angeles noise-pop group Dummy continues to sizzle as they tease their forthcoming album Mandatory Enjoyment (out Oct. 22 on Trouble In Mind) with the release of their hypnotic new single “Final Weapon.” Following the warm haze of previous single “Daffodils,” “Final Weapon” is built from a driving, synthy beat that quietly mesmerizes the listener as it blossoms into a lush explosion of bright organs and guitars. Lyrics depicting apocalyptic imagery only heighten the song’s psychedelic inclinations and lend a sort of spirituality to its euphoric heights.

“Final Weapon” arrives with a colorful, texturally invigorating video filmed by Dummy and directed by band member Emma, who provided the following comment:

The song “Final Weapon” weaves a lot of disparities together. It’s got a frantic beat but a laid back, dreamy vocal delivery. It’s a fairly poppy and upbeat track, but the lyrical themes are rather serious: nuclear weapons testing and military experimentation. The video relates more to the overall feeling of the song – on an initial surface level everything is bright, colorful fun, but pretty soon things frantically devolve in front of your eyes, and more disturbing images start to appear. On a very basic level, the idea for the “Final Weapon” video was a take on “squish” videos, or any of the “satisfying” viral videos that pop up in your various social media feeds. I’ve always found something inherently unnerving about those.

Check out the videos for “Final Weapon” and “Daffodils” below. You can preorder Dummy’s new album Mandatory Enjoyment here.

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