GRLwood’s “Bisexual” Music Video Will Make You Scream and Sweat

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GRLwood’s “Bisexual” Music Video Will Make You Scream and Sweat

Louisville-based scream-pop duo GRLwood just released their first video, a rollicking romp to the tune of their debut single, “Bisexual.” The song introduced GRLwood to the world back in April and features on their debut album, Daddy, released June 15. GRLwood, with screeching vocals by Rej Forester and booming drumbeats by Karen Ledford, is a self-described “gay-ass duo” whose songs revel in queer punk and Kathleen Hanna-esque wails.

The “Boyfriend” video, set at a twee square aspect ratio, follows Ledford and Forester through an abandoned building and into a riotous, sweaty performance, with Forester screeching out the short-yet-sweet tune. Produced by Hysteria Visuals, the video is as chaotic and attention-grabbing as the band itself.

Check out the “Bisexual” video below, and listen to GRLwood’s Daddy in full via Spotify.

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