Watch an Exclusive Clip from HarmonQuest‘s Latest Episode

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Watch an Exclusive Clip from HarmonQuest‘s Latest Episode

HarmonQuest’s third season continues its intrepid journey into danger on the streaming platform VRV. The live-action / animation hybrid turns the real-life roleplaying adventure of Rick & Morty co-creator Dan Harmon and comedians Erin McGathy and Jeff B. Davis into an absurd cartoon, with game master Spencer Crittenden guiding them on. They’ve been playing Pathfinder for three seasons now, and the adventure shows no signs of slowing down. New episodes premiere on VRV every week, and throughout the season you’ll be able to catch exclusive clips here at Paste.

In this week’s clip Harmon and his fellow adventurers have to contend with a magically sealed door to a massive, foreboding fortress. Harmon’s deadpan delivery is a funny contrast to both the would-be gravitas of the situation and the show’s vividly realized cartoon world. Check it out below and you can track the series down on VRV, if you so dare.

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