Hey Arnold! Creator Announces the Show’s Big Screen Revival via Instagram

Hey, Footballhead! You're Headed to the Jungle

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‘90s kids, rejoice! In November, AV Club revealed that Nickelodeon was considering a movie adaptation of its beloved cartoon, Hey Arnold! At that time, the studio had approved the creation of a script and the movie would move forward with the project after the script had come in.

The show’s creator took to Instagram to announce that Nickelodeon has officially greenlighted the cartoon’s revival in the form of a two-part, two-hour Hey Arnold! movie.

According to Instagram, the movie is titled, Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie and will resume where the original series left off—with the title character finding a map that could reveal the whereabouts of his long-lost parents.

The cliffhanger ending aired in 2002, and Nickelodeon planned to conclude the series with a subsequent movie that would’ve featured Arnold finally solving the mystery of what happened to his mom and dad—who only appeared on the show in flashbacks.

That movie was never made, and fans never got the closure they so desired, but The Jungle Movie will presumably answer some lingering questions—and probably in the jungle.

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