Watch the Star-Studded Trailer for Netflix’s Aztec Adventure Maya and the Three

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Watch the Star-Studded Trailer for Netflix’s Aztec Adventure Maya and the Three

Mexican animator and creator Jorge Gutiérrez is perhaps best known to film fans as the creator of 2014’s underrated The Book of Life, but for several years now he’s been working on a follow-up of grandiose proportions. Now, we finally have a first look at Gutiérrez’s upcoming Netflix miniseries Maya and the Three, a sprawling adventure and swashbuckling combat story not quite like anything we’ve seen on the streamer before. As the official synopsis reads:

In a fantastical world, where magic turns the world and four kingdoms rule the lands, a brave and rebellious warrior princess named Maya is about to celebrate her fifteenth birthday and coronation. But everything changes when the gods of the underworld arrive and announce that Maya’s life is forfeit to the God of War — a price she must pay for her family’s secret past. If Maya refuses, the whole world will suffer the gods’ vengeance. To save her beloved family, her friends, and her own life, Maya embarks on a thrilling quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy that foretells the coming of three great warriors who will help her defeat the gods and save humankind.

Maya and the Three, like Gutiérrez’s other work, draws on the folklore and traditions of Central America and the Caribbean, with a particular emphasis upon designs inspired by Aztec, Maya and Inca mythology and culture. The designs are pretty eye-popping, but what will really capture the attention of viewers is likely to be the casting—this series is absolutely stacked with top-tier vocal talent, featuring seemingly every prominent Hispanic actor in Hollywood. Zoe Saldaña has the headlining role of Princess Maya, and one can distinctly hear the rich tones of Alfred Molina in the trailer as the film’s villain, but Maya and the Three also includes Gabriel Iglesias, Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal, Rita Moreno, Stephanie Beatriz, Kate del Castillo, Danny Trejo, Cheech Marin, Rosie Perez, Queen Latifah and Wyclef Jean, among others. Truly a one-of-a-kind lineup.

Maya and the Three’s nine episodes are scheduled to premiere on Netflix on Oct. 22, 2021. Check out the full trailer below.