New Overwatch Teaser Hints at New Hero

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New Overwatch Teaser Hints at New Hero

Last night on Twitter, the official account for Overwatch released a cryptic statement that has left many fans in confusion. The tweet revealed that “new details” have surfaced regarding the fate of Horizon Lunar Colony. Winston, an already playable character, is from this area.

The tweet includes an image that shows the status of specimen in the colony in addition to a map of the colony itself. As expected, Winston is nowhere to be found. What’s interesting though, is that another character is also missing from the area: Hammond.

The map below indicates that the “E” section of the colony is facing something problematic, as it is colored in orange. Perhaps Hammond has escaped from this particular pod.


Some fans are speculating that Hammond could be the next playable hero in the game, while others are guessing that Horizon Lunar Colony could be a new map. Whatever the truth may be, Overwatch seems to be having a great time playing with its food, responding to fans’ tweets with various memes.

Whether Hammond is confirmed as a new hero or Horizon Lunar Colony as a new map, it appears that something new is coming to Overwatch sometime in the near future. The game’s anniversary event is currently ongoing.

Read Blizzard’s full teaser post here, and a recent Paste feature on Overwatch’s first year here.

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