Scottish Newspaper: Trump “An Appalling Human Being”

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Scottish Newspaper: Trump “An Appalling Human Being”

Trump is in the midst of his latest European tour, and he’s already distinguished himself by insulting his host Theresa May over how she handled Brexit, stating that Europe is losing its culture due to immigration, and making vague promises to ask Putin about the 2016 election at their upcoming meeting.

In response to this, and so, so much more, one of Scotland’s largest newspapers, The Scotsman, ran a no-holds-barred editorial in which the subtitle—the part before the actual text—referred to Trump as “an appalling human being.”

Check it out:

It starts off with a bang:

Donald Trump, due to arrive in the UK later today, is a racist, a serial liar and either a sexual abuser or someone who falsely brags about being one in the apparent belief that this will impress other men.

Point by point, from his support for fascists to his Obama birther efforts to his anti-immigration rhetoric to his attacks on the media, the short editorial swiftly and emphatically reduces Trump to rubble.

Now, this will have larger impact, of course, because words and truth seem to have less impact than ever. But as an America, having watched even our most respectful media institutions like WaPo and NYT amplify the voices of apologists and civility hawks, it’s nice to see a full-throated rebuttal to everything Trump stands for in a mainstream outlet.

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