Watch: Outlander Continues to Reveal the Many Perils of Frontier Life

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Keri Lumm reviews “Monsters and Heroes” for Paste—you can watch the video above or read the transcript below:

It’s too bad that back in the olden days they didn’t have phones so they could text and find out if someone was up already.

Bree and Roger are in bed in the nude when Jamie comes by. Bree answers in a blanket. I guess you can’t pretend like you don’t hear anyone when it’s a one-room cabin.

Jamie needs a sharpshooter, and obviously wants to bring his daughter along, but she has plans so he is forced to take Roger. The two take off into the wilderness and see some buffalo. Jamie aims to kill it, but misses.

He sends Roger ahead to try himself, but it turns out that while Jamie has missed his target, a poisonous snake got his, biting Jamie with toxic venom.

Roger then has to help his father-in-law by making a cut where the bite was and sucking out the blood from Jamie’s inner thigh.

Yikes! That’s worse than when Chandler peed on Monica’s jellyfish sting!

Though you see him spitting out copious amounts of blood and venom, it is not enough. Jamie is now fighting for his life, and they are all alone in the wilderness.

He asks Roger to do his Last Rites, but Roger refuses because they have already read his obituary in the future, so he feels confident he isn’t going to die. Jamie is not. He not only asks Roger to pray, but also asks him to finish up his business with Stephen Bonnet. He has a plan to go kill him because he is worried about Jemmy’s future. He asks Roger to promise that he will take care of business.

He also tells him to take Bree, Claire, and Jemmy back to modern times if it turns out that Jemmy can hear the bees.

Back at Fraser’s Ridge, Marsali is ready to have her baby any day, while Claire and Bree are going about their daily life. But then Jamie’s white horse comes back home without him, so Ian and Fergus go out to find Jamie and Roger.

Roger is carrying Jamie on a homemade stretcher, but still has some throat trouble. When he hears the search party, he cannot yell, but starts banging a tree with a big stick. Thankfully, Rollo finds them and they get a very sick Jamie home to Claire.

She is very concerned, and has no syringe anymore to give him the penicillin he desperately needs. She gives him some orally but knows it is not enough.

Eventually she thinks maggots might help eat away the dead flesh, and sends everyone out to find some on their 10,000 acres.

Jamie knows that his leg might have to go. It’s something he has seen before with his brother-in-law and with Fergus.

He actually gets out of bed and takes the bonecutter thing away and makes Claire promise that she won’t use it.

Later, while the women are dying fabric with indigo, a buffalo comes up while Jemmy is sitting on a blanket and Bree rushes out and tries to get its attention so it does not harm her child.Luckly, Claire is a good shot and shoots the buffalo after it runs into her daughter she shoots it. Jamie struggles out on to the porch to watch, wrapped in a blanket.

But Claire knows that the leg is going to have to go, and while Ian gets mad about it, Fergus understands and is of course the calm comfort he (almost) always is. Maybe it’s just his Frenchness.

Finally, Jamie is about to die in bed and asks Claire to touch him—sexually. She takes off her shirt and what do you know! He lives!

As Claire is about to do the surgery, Bree notices something about the snake head that Roger brought back. The fang that released the venom is now empty, so as Claire is praying, she has the solution to a syringe. A Hollow fang.

And Jamie keeps his leg.

And Fergus and Marsali have another sweet baby.

The best kind of Outlander episode: Romance, ingenuity, and a strong beginning, middle and end.

Outlander airs Sunday nights on Starz.

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