Smart Decorating Fixes for Ugly Rentals

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A fresh paint job is a band-aid for nearly any rental eyesore, but that isn’t always an option. A paint ban on your lease may leave you stuck with “landlord yellow” walls, but there’s some hope yet when it comes to temporary upgrades. Give these decorating hacks a shot to make your plain box feel less like a hovel and more like digs you’d like to show off on Instagram.

1. Hang Some Curtains

CURTAINSFIX.jpgPhoto via Instagram/simonsayshome

Unless you’re living off the grid, curtains will give you some essential privacy. Plus, they’ll prevent unsightly window frames from throwing off your design scheme.

2. Invest in a Pretty Tapestry

TAPESTRY.jpgPhoto via Instagram/callistoknits

Get OG, (like Freshman year of college OG), and hang a tapestry as an accent wall. It’ll bring some much-needed color that you can take with you when you leave for greener pastures.

3. Buy a Jumbo Pack of Temp Hanging Strips

GALLERYWALL.jpgPhoto via Instagram/pocket_the_pup

Command strips are your new BFFs for hanging wall art, calendars and any other lightweight items that can turn your apartment into a home. Just carefully peel it off when you’re done with the decor, and/or the place.

4. Stick on Some Removable Wallpaper

WALLPAPER.jpgPhoto via Instagram/tiffanypinerostyle

Some call it the best thing since sliced bread. This designer favorite skips the mess of regular wallpaper and lets you get decidedly trendy with zero commitment.

5. Add Fresh Flowers

FLOWERS.jpgPhoto via Instagram/torgfrun

Even if they’re from the local grocery store or rundown bodega, a bouquet in a nice vase will make your place feel at home. Talk about a cheap floral thrill.

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