Taylor Swift Has Voiced Her Support For Gun Control

The notoriously apolitical pop star posted a pro- March For Our Lives message on Instagram.

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Taylor Swift Has Voiced Her Support For Gun Control

Taylor Swfit has built her reputation on political silence. Seemingly unwilling to risk offending her fans, Swift has kept her opinions to herself, even as white nationalist groups claim allegiance to her. Instead of speaking out against them, she sues those who choose to call her out. Swift is the last person you’d expect to post a political message. And yet, Aries season is a time for radical change, friends.

On Friday afternoon, Swift posted a message on her Instagram about this weekend’s March for Lives, in which thousands are planning to hit the streets in support of stricter gun laws.

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“I’ve made a donation to show my support for the students, for the March For Our Lives campaign, for everyone affected by these tragedies, and to support gun reform,” Swift wrote. It’s a bold step considering the controversial nature of gun reform in America, but it’s obviously the right one. While it’s surprising to see Swift voicing her opinion, it’s encouraging to think that young fans might be hearing her call for change.

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