Tiny World: Spiders Need Love Too in Our Exclusive Clip from Apple TV+’s Docuseries

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Tiny World: Spiders Need Love Too in Our Exclusive Clip from Apple TV+’s Docuseries

Searching for a show that will whisk you away from the current world? Swap our present hellscape for a smaller world, Apple TV+’s Tiny World, an “epic nature documentary” narrated by Paul “Ant Man” Rudd (get it?) Directed by Tom-Hugh Jones, a filmmaker credited with “reinventing the natural history genre” with the Planet Earth and Planet Earth II series, Tiny World sets out “to reveal the unseen lives of some of the planet’s smallest creatures.” This series boasts footage of unique species and “cutting-edge technology to capture captivating and never-before-seen moments through the eyes of the tiniest animals as they do extraordinary things to survive.” The visual definition depicted in the release trailer and our October-appropriate spider-ific clip below is extraordinary—every animal flashes to life in color, texture, and minutiae detail under the camera’s powerful lens. (Also that first needle drop works way too well).

Creating this series was an arduous job. The documentarians spent 3611 days on location shooting footage of these animals, with over 200 species captured for the documentary. Extensive drone footage was deployed to document these small lifeforms through 140 hours worth of film. Incredible events featured within the series include: the first-ever witnessed mating ritual of the Miniature Leaf Chameleon (in UV glow!); the defensive behavior of the Coqui Frog; the Golden Gecko’s defensive position (complete with a terrifying combination of a widely open jaw and squirting tail); and the Harris Antelope Squirrel’s clever trick of nibbling on rattlesnake skin to mask its scent from predators.

Tiny World premieres Friday, October 2nd on Apple TV+. Life is about the little things; don’t miss watching the littlest creature of our wild world. Check out our exclusive clip below:

Here’s the official trailer:

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