Watch SNL Mock the GOP and the Last Week in Politics

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Watch SNL Mock the GOP and the Last Week in Politics

It’s a paradox. US politics have become so ridiculous that it seems almost pointless to make fun of them. No joke about Trump could be as absurd and hilarious and dark and pathetic as everything Trump himself says, and the campaigning on that side has become so frightening that perhaps we should be denouncing it seriously instead of making fun of it. At the same time time, complete contempt and mockery is the only legitimate reaction to the GOP race, so not making fun of it seems like a dereliction of duty, especially if you’re a comedy show, like Saturday Night Live. So it’s with mixed feelings that we share this sketch from last night with you today. Yes, it’s funny, particularly its brutal takes on Trump, Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney. Yes, it’s also sad to be reminded of how disgusting that race has become, sad to be reminded of the collapse of the US media, and sad to be reminded that it’s possible for somebody like Trump or Cruz to become president later this year. Oh yeah, and Jason Sudeikis stops by, too. Watch the thing above already.

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