John Doe & The Sadies: Country Club

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John Doe & The Sadies: <em>Country Club</em>

X frontman goes clubbing with the Sadies

X always mixed in a little country with its rockabilly punk, but Country ClubKristofferson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard—and even X.Through the Night.” His only dud is Willie Nelson’s “Night Life,” whose arrangement is so forcefully dramatic that he gets a little lost in the mix. On the whole, though, the Sadies know just when to step forward or back, creating a general bootgazer ambience and re-creating the steely Bakersfield licks of Hag’s “Are the Good Times Really Over for Good.” They speed up Cash’s “I Still Miss Someone” and fit it to a Sun Records stomp, but they only really cut loose on instrumentals like “The Sudbury Nickel” and “Pink Mountain Rag,” which shows how country-club refined the album is.

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