Chobani is Suing Alex Jones for Allegedly Fabricating Sexual Assault Story

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Chobani is Suing Alex Jones for Allegedly Fabricating Sexual Assault Story

It’s been a weird few weeks for Alex Jones. That sounds almost redundant to say because the InfoWars mastermind lives and breathes weird. An average day for him involves cooking up conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook being a “false flag attack,” or frogs slowly being turned gay, or a D.C.-area pizza restaurant being a front for a pedophilia ring.

Even so, Jones lately has been working overtime to achieve maximum weird. He’s currently embroiled in a custody battle with his ex-wife and that case has turned over several bizarre stones. Just to name a couple: Alex Jones thinks George Soros is funding super weed, Jones forgot key details about his kids on the witness stand and blamed his forgetfulness on a bowl of chili he had for lunch, he’s taken off his shirt during a family therapy session and his lawyers claimed he’s a performance artist playing a character before he filmed a clip (on his way to court) where he effectively killed that line of defense.

And to throw a few more ingredients into this bizarro bouillabaisse, Chobani (yes, the yogurt company) is now suing Alex Jones for allegedly publishing fake news about the company being a part of a sexual assault case involving children.

Per a Time story, the lawsuit says that Jones’ InfoWars published an April 11 video that claimed Chobani was “importing migrant rapists” in an attempt to force a boycott of the brand. Additionally, the suit points out that Jones and InfoWars still haven’t removed the story, which all but says that the company is to blame for the rape of a five-year-old special needs girl by two Idaho teenagers.

The company is seeking $10,000 in damages from InfoWars and while the conspiracy site hasn’t responded to press requests, it did publish a “statement and clarification” from Jones saying that the lawsuit is “Soros backed,” because of course. Find that utter nonsense below.

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