Aqua Teen Rick and Morty Force is the Adult Swim Mashup We Never Knew We Needed

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In these long, dark days between seasons of Rick and Morty, we’ll take any scraps of the show we can get. The show’s uproarious recreation of an insane Georgia court transcript at Comic-Con was like a gift from above, and today, we have been given another such gift in the form of Aqua Teen Rick and Morty Force.

ATRAMF is exactly what it sounds like: a mashup of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Rick and Morty, arguably two of the best shows Adult Swim has put on the air. The 30-second clip features ATHF’s Frylock and Meatwad, synced up with overdubs of Rick and Morty’s dialogue, respectively.

Watch the clip, in which Rick/Frylock gives Morty/Meatwad a sage piece of life advice, right here via Adult Swim.

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