Tan France Turns Ali Wong Into a Movie Star Mom in Latest Dressing Funny Episode

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Tan France Turns Ali Wong Into a Movie Star Mom in Latest Dressing Funny Episode

Queer Eye’s resident fashion guru Tan France turns Ali Wong into a mommy movie star in the latest installment of France’s Netflix-backed web series Dressing Funny.

Tan sets off to dress “the funniest people on the planet,” including his previous guests John Mulaney, Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg.

This time, comedian and Always Be My Maybe star Ali Wong poked her head out of the dressing room curtain.

“Who the fuck are all these people?” Ali asked while gawking at the camera crew. “I thought we were just coming here just to be friends.”

It’s OK, Ali. We get it. We all just want to be friends with Tan, too.

Tan tells Ali he wanted to dress her so that she’s ready to strut the red carpet as a movie star and play with her kids as a mom.

“So you’re going to have to dress a certain way,” he says. “We want to make sure you’re movie star mom-ready.”

Apparently, that certain way involves leather skirts and patterned prints.

Ali admits to Tan that she doesn’t look like her usual fashionable self when she’s out with her kids.

“‘Cause they’re going to stain this,” she says, gesturing at the cute yellow dress she picked out with no help from Tan. “There’s spit. There’s chocolate. There’s chocolate that comes out of the other end.”

Next, cut to a montage of model struts, and Ali handing off prints and patterns to an always supportive Tan, who’s following closely behind.

The duo pick out a jumpsuit that flopped, an asymmetric, minimalistic black-and-white dress with metallic sneakers, and a leaf-print set of a long-sleeve shirt and matching shorts—with, of course, a classic Tan France French tuck.

“You hit me with that French tuck,” Ali says. “I knew that French tuck was coming.”

Tan also offers up pointers on posing for cameras and smiling, to which she responds by pointing out his male privilege. That’s right, Ali.

Tan also gets to work putting together an onstage outfit for her, something as powerful as her leopard print dress in her last Netflix special.

“But I want it to be even sexier,” Tan said.

The outfit ends up being just a classic, edgy leather skit with a polka-dot white top and pale pink boots.

“You look like a rich bitch,” Tan says.

Hopefully she actually wears her Tan France-curated outfit on stage, unlike a certain Indian-American Daily Show alum (ahem, Hasan Minhaj).

“I want to poach you from Queer Eye,” Ali says as a sign-off. “Can you just live in my house and can we do this every day?”

Can’t we all just have a Tan France clone at home to give us fashion tips?

Check out the hilarious duo for yourself below.

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