Amy Schumer’s Forthcoming Netflix Stand-up Special Gets a Trailer

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Amy Schumer’s Forthcoming Netflix Stand-up Special Gets a Trailer

Amy Schumer is at it again, this time on Netflix. The latest trailer for her self-directed stand-up special The Leather Special is out now. Schumer has always been famous for her candid impropriety, and this special promises more of the same: the trailer says it will feature 100 percent honesty and zero percent shame, while a press release explains The Leather Special covers “binge drinking, [Schumer’s] relationship with her boyfriend and navigating the unknown terrain of being a newly famous woman who looks like someone you grew up with.”

Schumer’s career has at no point been free from controversy, whether on the basis of accusations of joke stealing or lazy appeals to racial stereotypes. Still, in this trailer, Schumer seems to think that she has finally reached her prime, comparing this special to Eddie Murphy’s canonical Raw stand-up special. “It’s my f***ing moment,” Schumer declares. Viewers of the trailer seem to disagree, however, with the ratio of YouTube likes to dislikes currently sitting at about one-to-four. The video’s top comment suggests, “It’s not too late to cancel it.”

Assuming it doesn’t get canceled, find The Leather Special on Netflix starting March 7. For now, you can watch the Run the Jewels-soundtracked trailer above and check out the special’s new key art below.


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