Anthony Atamanuik And James Adomian Bring Their “Trump Vs. Bernie” To Comedy Central’s @Midnight

Comedy News

Last month, we profiled comedy duo Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian, who began holding faux-Trump-v-Bernie debates in September and have rapidly gained popularity for their act. They took their impressions to Comedy Central’s @Midnight last night for an hourlong (well, 42 minutes after commercials) debate moderated by Chris Hardwick. They were promoting their upcoming special, Trump vs. Bernie, which airs on April 27 on Fusion at 9 PM

Both impressions are uncannily accurate, right down to Atamanuik and Adomian’s voices. They debate everything from their likenesses to Jesus and their opinions on Sarah Palin to their masturbation habits and positions in a hypothetical human centipede. The craziest thing is that while the topics get pretty absurd, the ways that Atamanuik-Trump and Adomian-Sanders handle them just make us want to see the actual candidates debate each other. Check out the full video here.

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