Chris Rock’s New Netflix Special Is Out Tomorrow

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Chris Rock’s New Netflix Special Is Out Tomorrow

Well, that’s a surprise.

This whole current rash of Netflix mega-money deals for stand-up specials started with a late 2016 announcement about a two-special deal with Chris Rock. Little concrete info about those specials have come out since that first announcement, and we now know why: because they wanted to pull a Beyoncé and make it a huge surprise. Sure enough, just about a half hour ago Chris Rock revealed via Twitter that his first Netflix special, Tamborine, will be released tomorrow, Feb. 14, 2018.

This is Rock’s first stand-up special since 2008, which is kind of incredible, when you think about it. Louis C.K.’s entire career as the top stand-up in the business came and went during that time. Kevin Hart was still just one of hundreds of semi-recognizable stand-up comedians popping up in sitcom cameos the last time Rock put out an hour of new material. It was so long ago that Dave Chappelle was able to hang out doing nothing much for almost an entire decade and still get four new specials out before Rock’s return.

In other words, this is a big deal. Check back tomorrow for Paste’s review of Tamborine.

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