Everybody Hates Comcast According to The Company’s Amazon Reviews

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Cable giants are notorious for being major pains in a lot of things, but Comcast’s new partnership with Amazon is revealing just how much of a shared experience that is for the company’s subscribers.

Shortly after announcing that it would begin selling Comcast internet subscriptions through Amazon, the reviews for the company on the online retail site became a hodgepodge of outrage and bitterness. Not only is Comcast holding down a 1.2-star rating with just over 450 customer reviews, but the reviews themselves rival the worst of internet comment sections.

It becomes even funnier in light of the fact that Comcast has very publicly made itself the image of cable company villainry. The company’s customer service is regularly blasted by its subscribers and has made more than one attempt to squash free market competition. Its latest endeavor, competing with Google Fiber (through several shady means), should have been enough to signal that an Amazon page with the option to review the business would end up as a PR headache.

Here are some of our favorite customers reviews, but make sure you take some time to check out each and every one. Especially those 5-star ratings.




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